What is Caturra?

Caturra itself is not the most important variety in Colombia but it has a very strong influence there. It is the parent of many of the classic varieties such as Castillo or Catimor. We also have a pretty rare Maracaturra in our collection mixing Caturra and Maragogype. Its smaller size allow for easier picking. It also packs a nice punch in terms of flavor. I'm not going to risk myself into describing the flavor notes as it is so diverse and in general I'm not sure it is the best idea to try to categorize coffee varieties by flavors except if they are really distinct like Geisha. It was very popular in Colombia for a long time, but Cenicafe decided to replace 3 billion plants in the early 2000s with stronger, rust resistant varieties mostly Castillo and a bit of Catimor.

The history of Caturra

Caturra appeared naturally in the state of Minas Gerais in Brazil in the beginning of the XIXth century. It was identified and catered for by the Agranomic Institute of Brazil for its smaller size, robustness, good yields and pleasant flavors. It quickly became a commercial success.

Sources (where all our knowledge comes from)

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