What is Orange Bourbon?

Orange bourbon also as seen in one place Garden Bourbon, is a gorgeous plant. It has bright surprise surprise orange fruits and cups deliciously. Well it is still unclear to me how well it cups compared to other bourbons. We’ve only tried quite fermented one, and it is not yet a very available bean. Most sources have shown them to maybe come from Salvador, but they can currently be found in Huila. It is most likely a natural mutation of the Bourbon plant, but as we saw with Pink Bourbon, things are not always that easy. Maybe in a few years someone will figure out that the orange bourbon is actually an Ethiopian heirloom who knows.

The history of Orange Bourbon

We couldn't find much information about the orange bourbon. My very loose theory is that it's not just one mutation but a few ones, but we will have to check on that.

Sources (where all our knowledge comes from)