What is OG Timor Hybrid (CIFC 4106) ?

This is your tough grandpa who's been through everything and definitely got busy. This coffee variety gave birth to many of the Arabica's we know today. But wait a minute... that means all those Arabicas... are... part Robusta?! Yes, a lot of the Arabica we drink today are the descendants of the unholy union of two families are to this day prohibited to see each other. A real Romeo and Juliette story that with a plot twist, the Arabica family accepted these and made bank by never talking about their true origin.

The Genetics of Hybrid Timore

HT is a triploid F1 hybrid... This means it has 3 sets of homologous chromosomes. Whereas Arabia has 4 (tetraploid) and Robusta like humans have 2 (diploid). And F1 just means first generation.

Timor Hybrid (aka Hybrido de Timor aka HT) is used to create varieties of Arabica which are resistant to rust. But lately rust has become more aggressive , leading to to the exploration of new Arabica and Robusta hybrids.

I haven't found information about the taste, it apparently doesn't grow a lot of fruit. It looks tall and dry with Robusta leaves. I'd love to try it though.


The history of OG Timor Hybrid (CIFC 4106)

The history of HT is not super clear and I found contradictions in my little research, so I invite any one who wants to know more to explore the sources and sources' sources.

How did Timore Hybrid appear?

We know the HT appeared after rust devastated South East Asia's plantations of Arabica all countries converted to Robusta. And by the end of the XIXth century there was almost no more Arabica but deep in Timor Este’s highlands some plantations resisted. This little bastion (maybe of Typica) was softly attacked by the Robusta plants. Mother Nature did its work and the first HT plant appeared with characteristics of its two parents. For a while a group kept HT for themselves.

Timore Hybrid makes it to the big scene

In the end of the 50s the Centro de Investigacaos das Ferrugens do Cafeeiro got their hands on HT and that would change the coffee landscape forever. The centre will go on to develop more version of HT, which will then give birth to some of today’s most recognizable coffees. In Combia Cenicafe created Castillo and Colombia are children of a lady Caturra and a Mr HT CIFC #1343. , and TABI between Typica, Bourbon and HT 1343.

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