Granito de Oro (which means golden nugget) is a beautiful farm started by Nelson Urrego and his wife. They have decided to mostly focus on Chiroso coffees and are starting to make a name for themselves in Colombia. They also roast their own beans and are trying to distribute it across Colombia.

The first thing Nelson wants people to know is that even if his name is on the coffee, it is vital to understand that this project is led by women, who in his family are the leader of the family. They are the one who take care of taking the bad herbs, fertilizan the plants and collect the fruit. And I have something to say about the fruit collection. It is absolutely incredible. Normally all coffee farmers will ask the dry mill to remove a certain percentage of primary and secondary defects. With Granito de Oro it is not the case, normally I would tell the farmer they are crazy, but the fact is their beans are absolutely gorgeous. I still can't believe it. They are my favorite beans to look at and smell, the smell of those green beans is just so gorgeous.

Back to doña Yudi, doña Marcela, doña Fantina the real leaders of the project they work hard every day under rain and sun to make sure that the fruits end up being the most floral and beautiful cup you can have. And I'm really impressed by how they tackled the recent changes in climate which lead Juicy Irish and Floral Irish to have different balances despite being treated the same.


Granito de Oro mains objective is to not allow themselves let the coffee loose any quality. The bar is pretty high because in 2023 they were the second lot selected at Colombia land of diversity. We really believe they can and obviously even progress they are working with diferent expert to improve their processes. Then the next step is to increase production, because it is still not yet a big enough project to have economic stability.

Main Challenge

According to Nelson Urrego the main challenges of the farm is adapting to climate change and diseases.

What Granito de Oro wants to share

The whole family is extremely excited and grateful to share their labor of love with people in new continents, countries and culture. Nelson is really curious to hear what people think of the coffees (he texts me every week XD) . And they want people to know the work, the care and proceses that go into producing distinct flavors

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