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Juiced Irish

Juiced Irish

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Same producer , same beans , almost same process but different product as the Floral Irish. Nelson Urrego called me one day asking if I wanted to try a new version of his Chiroso. He is constantly improving his processes. And recently he told me he had to adapt to the new climate. Indeed we want from a very rainy and cool set of seasons with la Niña to dry and hot season with el Niño.

The core flavors are the same but the balance is very different, the flavors are brighter more fruity and a bit more fermenty at the expense of the floral notes. To me the fermented flavors accentuate the whiskey like flavor which I really enjoy. Pla doesn't like it as much. There are new notes like orange and citrus that come through and very pleasant sweetness.

  • Chiroso
  • whisky, aromatic, and rosemary
  • Urrao Antioquia
  • 1900m

Delicously grown by Granito d'Oro

Proudly processed by

Harvested on

Carefully dry milled the

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