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Mara Catuwhat

Mara Catuwhat

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A very unexpected find, the last addition to our lot. Eduar came in by surprise send me a bunch of coffee still in its parchment, he was very excited for us to try his TABI natural. But to be honest just at the smell I had a feeling it would be too fermenty for me, and I was very excited about trying an exotic variety.

Eduar also sent us along a bunch of pictures from his microscopes of the cells he had picked from his farm and grown to give a unique flavor during fermentation. I definitely messed up the removal of the parchment, and definitely underroasted the coffee. And yet we could see all the potential of the coffee. It had light fermented notes that were over powered by a bright freshness and acidity.

I really wanted something that could highlight the uniqueness of the beans, and not cover it up during an overextended fermentation progress. And I got it . This is not a fermented coffee that happened to be a Maracaturra, this is a Maracaturra that has been fermented with care just to highlight the character of the bean.

We particularly loved this coffee on ice, it falls in the classic category with an original twist very sweet, mostly spicy and fruity berry notes.

  • Maracaturra
  • Spice, Berry, Orange, Chocolate, and Juicy
  • Timaná Huila

Delicously grown by Finca Azafran

Proudly processed by Finca Azafran

Harvested on

Carefully dry milled the

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