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Nibs Tea

Nibs Tea

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Out of our Quebraditas series this is your chillest bet. We were a bit surprised when trying it with the other brightly fermented coffees because it really sat in the middle with our more classic coffees. Unlike Edison's other Geisha, it keeps those floral notes that we love in Geisha. It just brings out its' sweetness. I'm not sure where the chocolatey flavor comes from, it reminded me of coco nibs infusion. It is not as accessible to begginners in the specialty world as the other Quebraditas coffees but it is more balanced and relaxing.

  • Gesha (Geisha)
  • Chocolate, Tea, and Floral
  • Washed
  • Oporapa Huila
Gesha (Geisha)

Delicously grown by Quebraditas (Coffee Farm)

Proudly processed by

Harvested on

Carefully dry milled the

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