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Rose Petal

Rose Petal

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The second coffee we tried from Juan Puerta our dear farmer and chief co-ferment scientist. The bean is simple just a humble Castillo but the flavors are far from humble. The first coffee we had from Juan was definitely a co-ferment, what really blew my mind about this one is that it tasted just like a unique bean with a long fermentation. Maybe a Sidra or a Pink Bourbon. I didn't taste the rose, I didn't taste the lychee I tasted coffee notes that were floral and fruity.

It is one of the rare coffees that never disappoints. Every single time it has been a great surprise. In a cupping I would put Juan's other coffee with some of the more classic coffees and not with the co-fermented or other original fruity anaerobic coffees.

On the flavor side, it is very versatile your brewing will bring out the more chocolatey or the more fruity side. I think it always has nice floral and tropical flavors. I like playing with that balance using more intense or lighter brewing methods. The roast of course will also have a big play and even if we haven't tried yet I'm sure a dark roast will also be great.

  • Castillo
  • Washed
  • Quindio
  • Osmosis fermentation with Lychee & Rose petals

Delicously grown by SENS

Proudly processed by SENS

Harvested on

Carefully dry milled the

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