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Prince Bubblegum

Prince Bubblegum

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This is the first coffee we tried from Edison. I was not expecting much from his coffee I randomly stumbled upon him on Instagram because we have common followings.And what a first introduction. I thought I was back in Wilton Benitez's farm cupping yet another incredible coffee. Only later did I realize that it made sense because Edison worked in his farm for many years.

The coffee is just sweet, complex and light. I would but it more in the buttery candy category. And it is my absolute favorite coffee to drink on some ice cubes. On a hot day it feels better than an ice cold Coca Cola. It is such an easy coffee that you can even share with no specialty coffee friends. Always on the top of blind tastings and definitely a diserving heir to the throne

  • Pink Bourbon
  • butter, candy, and floral
  • Washed
  • Oporapa Huila
Pink Bourbon

Delicously grown by Quebraditas (Coffee Farm)

Proudly processed by

Harvested on

Carefully dry milled the

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