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Timeless Flight

Timeless Flight

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A classy and delicate wonder. You can yourself this coffee the way you're enjoying an English High Tea in a fancy tea house: colourful moldings, silver food chariots and white gloves.

I'm not sure I know Wush Wush well enough to tell you if it tastes like a typical one. But I can say it deserves a spot in the high spheres of coffee. Tasting it reminded me of the first time I tasted a good Geisha, a time when I first discovered that coffee was not just coffee, that it could be floral or tea-like.



  • Wush Wush
  • floral and Chocolate
  • Tolima
Wush Wush

Delicously grown by Pujana Farms

Proudly processed by

Harvested on

Carefully dry milled the

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