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Organic Berry

Organic Berry

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All of our orders were closed, we decided on our all the products for our export. We got all the lots and bags ready to go to our warehouse. And then... Edison presented us with two new amazing products, a co-fermented orange bourbon, and his very first new natural Caturra. I think the last surpirsed us all the most for a few reason. 

First Edison is comes from a line of cofermenters having worked with both Diego Bermudez and Wilton Benitez. And most of his products reflects this. But this product is does not have any additional yeasts. When we visited his farm, he confessed that his long term goal is to move away from the coferments and develop coffees that reflect more his taste than the customer's. He wants to control not only the fermentation but also control the flavors while growing each coffee plant, collecting each coffee cherry. 

Much more than Wilon for example he believes a lot in the flavors of the terroir. One of his idol for example is Milton Monroy who is moons away from controlled fermentation. We were so happy to hear about these two conflicting vision of coffee traditional and modern, living inside him. 

But here was the question would it be good? I personally thought it wouldn't. When he was showing us his natural process I expressed some concerns about risks of over fermentation and getting those odd bitter flavors I so often found in Huila naturals. And here was the kicker, the flavor was so smooth that during the cupping I didn't realize it was a natural. It was so naturally sweet that I thought it was another delicious yeast ferment. 

I'm really really proud for Edison, this was his first step into a new line. And it was a giant's step. Far ahead of most of the farmers of natural coffee in the region. I didn't ask him the price of the coffee after tasting, because first I was not too interested in naturals for this lot, and second I assumed it would be too expensive. A couple days later out of curiosity I asked him, and my response was "This is too cheap, it doesn't make sense" , to which he replied "No it's a fair price"... It's not. Enjoy.


  • Caturra
  • sweet, yogurt, and strawberry
  • Natural
  • Oporapa Huila

Delicously grown by Quebraditas (Coffee Farm)

Proudly processed by Quebraditas (Coffee Farm)

Harvested on

Carefully dry milled the

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