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Naranja Salsa

Naranja Salsa

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I described in more details our visit at Edison Argote's Quebraditas in the description of our Organic Berry. This is the second new coffee we tasted at his farm. It was not the most surprising coffee at all, but it was by far my favorite. 

Just after smelling it, it was obvious to me it was not like any of the other coffees I sampled at home. It had a unique characteristics a distinct fruitiness. Later on I thought of it as a Colombian coffee on steroids. I was so delighted by it I kept jumping around while cupping. After the cupping Edison and his girlfriend told us they were so happy to see someone so visibly excited about one of their coffees. 

Despite saying it has some characteristics of a classic coffee, it is definitely not a classic coffee. It is very obviously strong tangy and sweet. It is obviously co-fermented with yeasts that bring out very the very unique profiles of the Orange Bourbon. This was the first of Edison's coffee that I thought was very clear distinct step from Granja Paraiso or El Paraiso, and his own spin on it. Even though I do have to note that he had a lot to do with latter processor's flavors. 

I can't stress how delighted I am to work with Edison, his girlfriend and their entire family. These coffees we are presenting to you, this Orange Bourbon are a fantastic testament to their hard work and I hope you will be able to appreciate it. 

  • Orange Bourbon
  • tangerine, mandarin, Chocolate, Sweet, and Flower
  • Natural
  • Oporapa Huila
Orange Bourbon

Delicously grown by Quebraditas (Coffee Farm)

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