Who is COTA?

We are two coffee lovers who want to find a way to finance our plane tickets between ThAiland and COlombia. Right now it's not working too well we are just loosing money because sourcing done well is much more expensive than expected!

When our products are established enough we're sure people will enjoy it and the whole adventure will make sense. And worse case scenario we tasted amazing coffees, met even better people and developed rare skills.

Our pricing is FAIR and sourcing TRANSPARENT. We will share the contact of all our farmers will all of you, if you want to source directly from them that will make us happy. We only share our purchase price if the produce is OK with it. And we make on average 15.2% markup on all our coffees. We want to be a legal company this means we pay customs tax of 90% in Thailand  included in this markup and the shipping costs from farm to Thailand. We do not include in this figure: local distribution cost, admin, design costs, stock management, our time and sourcing costs. Hopefully in the future we satisfy large enough orders and become more efficient, so that we can update the 15.2% to our target 10%.

This is an average some coffees have much lower than other and are compensated by others. For instance right now our Wush Wush is only 5.31% markup  because it is very exceptional but obviously expensive. So we balance this with 20.71% markup on our Maracaturra, which is very underpriced at the moment because we got a "get in the market" deal and we will have to pay a higher price for in the future.

Please note that these markups are a reference to the 3kg bags and over, the 1kg back is 10% more expensive and 500g 20% more expensive.

Also if we can organize order directly in Colombia  we will drop down that percentage much lower.