What is Sidra?

A delicious science experiment stolen from an evil multinational company. Sidra is one of my favorite varieties, it is extremely versatile and in my experience fruity and floral. Even though it was thought for a long time to be a mix between Bourbon and Typica, it turned out to be an Ethiopian heirloom. I is currently mostly found in its birth country of Ecuador and our adopted home Colombia. It has been used by a lot of award winning coffees and baristas, the latest crown was won by Jooyeon Yeon with the fantastic Sidra from La Palma y el Tucan.

With its resistance and cup quality we are sure to see more Sidra grow accross Colombia and the world. I'm sure hoping for it because so far I've only had great surprise from this coffee.

The history of Sidra

Sidra came from the Northern Occidental province of Pichincha in Ecuador. It originally came from the experimental farm started by Nestle. This program selected a few farms across the world to develop new varieties of coffee. However the success of the coffee came from the seeds obtained by the neighboring farmers who heard of the cup quality and resistance of this new variety.

Sources (where all our knowledge comes from)

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