Quebraditas is a very ambitious project started by Edison Argote and his girlfriend Angela, and her beautiful family. Their objective is to revatilize they farm which has been experiencing slow growth for quite a number of years. Angela initially started to push the farm towards specialty coffee for a few years. She started by planting some absolutely gorgeous Papayo and Bourbon hybrids in a small patch of land. As a side note, these fruits are absolutely gorgeous and taste fantastic, I can't wait to taste them in a cup.

In the meantime Edison was still working for Granja Paraiso 92 honing his skill and developing new recipes using innovative methods and yeasts. Edison loves experimenting and he started doing little experiments to help his family in San Adolfo get some better result. Over time he realized that he wanted to develop his own project.

They talked with Angela and her family, and they accepted to join forces. Edison would lead the operations, implement new processes, and take care of the sales. And her family would provide the land, equipment and experience. In particular, Angela brings extremely strong agronomic knowledge, a great energy and good enough English to talk to Pla :).

In late 2023 they officialy opened for business. They had 300kg of coffee ready to send as samples all accross Colombia and the world.

Our coffees