What is Wush Wush?

It is said that if you say Wush Wush 30 times you turn into a coffee bean. A rare variety with very high cup potential. I found that it is often a hit or miss in Colombia, many Wush Wush tend to fall a bit flat. Maybe it is because of a fear of taking risks in the processing. It is indeed a pretty low yielding tree. We were lucky enough to try Timeless Flight and it definitely gave me a new outlook to the variety. I have yet to try that many, I only tried one Ethiopian Wush Wush grown by Dinkalem Ademe , it was a roasted by my friend at Peculiar Coffee and it definitely had some deep complexity.

I am really looking forward to trying more Wush Wush and learning more about the variety. I am not sure at which level of the trendiness we are. I think we might see more of them going in the market, and hopefully the quality and hype will continue with it

The history of Wush Wush

Wush Wush is an Ethiopian heirloom named after its birth region.

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